About The OWNER

Who Am I?

I am Natasha, Owner of STRIVE Fashion Boutique LLC. Strive Fashion Boutique LLC is a fashion boutique located out Williamsburg, Virginia. Operated as an online business and in-person shopping by appointment only.

The name "Strive" comes from the definition of the word strive. Strive means to devote serious effort or energy; make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. When you want to reach a goal, everyday you have to "strive" to make progress.

I strive everyday to become a better and successful person, who will always continue to strive to evolve into a stronger person everyday. Success never ends! Everyday is a day for you to expand your growth in life.

My goal as your provider is to make every customer walk away with a smile on their face by trying to meet everyone needs, provide them with great customer service, affordable prices & nice quality of various fashion.

My personal goal is to grow from small boutique business owner into a well-known business owner who serves the entire United States and expand world-wide.

My loyal customers/supporters means a lot to me. I appreciate everyone support whether its by purchasing, subscribing, or spreading by word-of-mouth.

Thank you everyone for your support and I appreciate all of you!


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